John R. Hale


Director of Liberal Studies

Dr. John R. Hale, Director of Liberal Studies at the University of Louisville, is an American archaeologist who has investigated ancient sites throughout the Greek and Roman world.  A native of Indiana, he earned his BA degree at Yale University and his PhD in Archaeology at Cambridge University, where he reconstructed the evolution of the Viking long-ship.  Major projects have included an interdisciplinary study of the Delphic Oracle in Greece, excavations of a Roman horse farm and early Christian basilica at Torre de Palma in Portugal, development of a new method for dating ancient concrete and mortar using C14 radiocarbon analysis, and rescue excavations of prehistoric sites in the Ohio River Valley.

In pursuit of archaeological remains underwater, Hale has participated in a survey of shipwreck sites from the Greek and Persian Wars in the Aegean Sea, and the mapping of a submerged Maya ceremonial center in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  He has published reports on his fieldwork in such journals as Antiquity and Scientific American, and has written a book on the triremes of the ancient Athenian navy, titled Lords of the Sea (Viking/Penguin).  He has also recorded lecture series on a number of archaeological topics, currently available as DVDs from the “Great Courses” website of the Teaching Company.  Hale’s current book project for Oxford University Press is At Break of Day: From the Greek and Persian Wars to the Rise of the West.



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