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Our Story

Life without stories would have no meaning.  We are proud to share with you the story of Thalassa Journeys. But first, the back-story.


How We Chose Greece

Ovid wrote that at the beginning there was Chaos: a raw confused mass, a tangle of discordant atoms.  Then the earth split off from the sky and divided from the water. The land of Greece rose from the wine-dark sea. The land flourished, grew creative. Birds took flight from the wetlands; the grapes became wine underfoot; villagers picked olives from peaceful groves.

History began in Greece with Herodotus. Tragedy and comedy, too.  And many other concepts and ideas that form our way of life today, including democracy, philosophy, and the study of the natural sciences and music.  All this and more has created a foundation linking 4,000 years of history to the present.

This is the Greece we know. The Greece that endures, from the souls of the ancients, to the stones of their monuments, to the birds on the wing, singing ancient hymns written of old.


How Thalassa’s Educational Tours Began

From this Greek heritage, in the late 1960’s, came two brothers from the island of Rhodes to America, seeking education and opportunity.  While pursuing their university degrees, they took jobs at a New York City travel agency. Soon after graduating, they founded Travel Dynamics, a company that introduced a whole new concept in travel – focusing on education and enrichment as an integral part of the travel experience. Over the next four decades Travel Dynamics became the driving force in educational travel, serving America’s leading cultural, educational and scientific institutions on land tours and small ship voyages throughout the world.

In the late 1970’s, entered Margaret Devlin, who had traveled and lived abroad just enough in college and beyond to develop an insatiable thirst to see more of the world. Little did she imagine after landing a dream job as tour manager at Travel Dynamics, that she would lead travelers in 39 countries on five continents and become an integral part of the company, establishing enduring relationships with distinguished universities, museums and other member-based institutions throughout the United States.

After selling their company in late 2014, George and Vasos reunited with Margaret and other former and new colleagues in 2018 to form Thalassa Journeys.

As with Odysseus and his epic journey, life takes us on a great adventure and – if we are lucky – leads us homeward.  Thalassa Journeys thus brings us home, to Greece and its environs, allowing us to share with inquisitive travelers the glorious history and boundless riches of this noble land, blessed with rugged landscapes, iconic seascapes, and a warm and hospitable citizenry who welcome strangers as friends.


Discover Greece Through Our Excursions

It is our pleasure to invite you to discover aspects of Greece and neighboring Mediterranean countries that you never knew existed – archaeological sites ablaze with the bloom of spring wildflowers;  vineyards, olive orchards and fields from which rise the source of the life-giving Mediterranean diet; remote wetlands with world-class birding; exquisite chamber music concerts performed in ancient theaters and small Byzantine churches; and meetings with scholars, scientists, diplomats and others who will invite you into conversations about contemporary life and issues in Greece.

Amphitheater (Coliseum) in Ephesus - The World of St. Paul, An Educational Tour through Greece and Italy