COVID Response

Thalassa Journeys

COVID Response

We are closely monitoring reports from the US CDC and World Health Organization regarding the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus) here in the United States and, in particular, primary travel transit points and the destination countries that our journeys travel to - in particular, Greece, Albania, Italy, and Turkey.  We receive daily briefings from our tour operations teams in these countries as we determine the status of each scheduled journey.  We also coordinate closely with the sponsoring organization for the tour to determine if the organization has specific criteria about travel during this virus outbreak.

Because the COVID-19 outbreak is a very fluid situation, we are continually reviewing the status of each of our journeys.  We don't anticipate canceling any of the journeys because of the virus, especially with the flexibility that exists with small-size group tours.  Should it become inadvisable to operate a journey, we believe that the best option is to move the tour to a future date.  At present, we have moved our journeys to Italy that were scheduled to operate in April 2020 to March 2021.  We are working with the organizations for the remaining journeys in April, May and June to other destinations to determine if moving a journey to another date meets their travelers' expectations and to determine how to address those situations where the date does not work with a traveler's availability.  We will be providing updates on these changes as they occur.

Our primary concern at Thalassa Journeys will always be the safety and well-being our travelers, and we welcome any call or email from our travelers with questions or concerns.  Please do not hesitate to call us at 866-633-3611 or email us at


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