Far to the south lies a land of dazzling snowfields, crystalline glaciers, and dramatically carved ice mountains soaring above an untamed frozen wilderness. There are no human sounds in this land of primeval beauty, only the wild cries of penguins, seals, and whales echoing across a vast expanse of land and sea. We invite you to join us next January – high summer in the Southern hemisphere – on a voyage to Antarctica, Earth’s last frontier, aboard the new state-of-the-art expedition cruise ship Vega.

For five full days, we will explore the Antarctic Peninsula and its surrounding islands, where you will enjoy superb observation and photographic opportunities of abundant seals, whales, and sea birds, including hillsides teeming with penguins. Our resident expedition leaders and naturalists include some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts on Antarctica’s terrain, bird life, sea life, geology, and glaciology, and will enlighten you throughout the voyage via lectures, presentations and on-site nature observation.

Built in Finland and launched in July 2022, Vega is designed specifically for polar exploration. Enjoy the luxurious amenities of this new-generation expedition cruise ship with just 76 staterooms and suites for a maximum of 152 guests. The ship’s size; limited guest capacity; superb accommodations and public spaces, facilities, and services; advanced technical and mechanical systems; environment-friendly features; and a complement of experienced officers and crew make Vega the cruise ship of choice for exploring Antarctica in safety and comfort. A fleet of Zodiac landing craft will bring you into intimate contact with this incredible continent.

Join us for a journey of a lifetime.