FEATURING:  The Epirus Chamber Music Festival

The ancient Greeks believed that music was a gift of the gods and music played a most important role in their everyday life.  They began to study music as early as the 6th century BC, and music comprised a main field of one’s education.  In fact, the word music comes from Muses, the nine mythological daughters of Zeus and patron goddesses of the arts and learning.

This program combines the exploration of a beautiful and interesting part of Greece that remains “undiscovered” by tourists, with concerts of superb classical music performed at different venues, some of which are of significant historical and archaeological importance.  As its name implies, the Epirus Chamber Music Festival takes place in Epirus, in northwest Greece.

Our journey begins in Athens, the cosmopolitan and dynamic capital of Greece and the oldest city in Europe, where we visit some of the timeless landmarks, among them the Acropolis and Parthenon, including the Agora, ancient Athens’ civic center.  Then we fly to Ioannina, the main city of Epirus, and we explore other magnificient places, including awe-inspiring Meteora, the monasteries “in mid-air;” the ancient oracular site of Dodoni; and the idyllic island of Corfu.  From Ioannina, we travel to the lovely seaside town of Preveza, home to many important ancient sites.

This unique and unusual journey is certain to appeal to first-time travelers to Greece as well as to those who have visited the country before.  We hope you will join us to discover a different face of Greece.