“Dress your hair with fine extracts of perfume.... and while you are drinking let these tasty dishes be brought to you.”  – Athenaeus, 2nd century BC

More than 2500 years ago, the Greeks laid the foundations for the now-celebrated Mediterranean diet. The ancient Greeks considered cooking an art and a science, and they made gastronomy a subject of serious study. Amazingly, the cuisine of modern Greece traces its origins to the ancient past and draws its inspiration from it. No other country in Europe can claim such a long and uninterrupted culinary tradition. As Greeks established colonies throughout the Mediterranean, they introduced vine cultivation and wine making in the lands they settled, including Italy, France and Spain. During the Middle Ages, Greek wines were among the favorites of Europe’s royal courts.  Continuing on this long tradition, Greece today produces award-winning wines from indigenous ancient and modern varieties.

The area of concentration of this unique journey is northern Greece.