Greece’s long history, the incredible achievements of its civilization, its ageless ancient monuments, the spectacular beauty of its landscape and its glorious islands make it one of the world’s most desirable and attractive destinations to travelers.

This journey has been designed to highlight its ancient past and its contemporary pleasures.  Starting in Athens, the most ancient city in Europe, the birthplace of democracy, and today the country’s capital, we will explore its iconic monuments, and experience its contemporary vibrant and dynamic lifestyle.  From Athens, we will travel to the countryside to tour important historic sites and picturesque towns.  Outstanding among them is Epidaurus, sacred to Aesculapius, the god healing, famed for its 4th-century BC theater with its perfect acoustics; and Nafplion, one of the country’s loveliest medieval towns.

We then venture into the radiant world of the Aegean Sea.  Our base in this seminal island world will be Paros, one of the most attractive of all the Greek islands.  We will have time to explore Paros, and also visit other nearby islands, including Delos, a veritable open air museum; Mykonos, famed for its windmills, cubic houses and smart boutiques and cafes; and Santorini, probably the most unique and unforgettable island in the entire Mediterranean.

Welcome to Greece where you will discover a place of immense beauty, a luminous sky, a deep blue and shimmering sea, inhabitants for whom hospitality is a sacred duty, and a cuisine that, as in the distant past, relies on local fresh and healthful ingredients!  Welcome to our cultural home!