Greece possesses some of the most varied and impressive landscapes in Europe.  Combined with its magnificent past, Greece is an alluring destination.  Perhaps the most impressive and rewarding landscape is found in the country’s northwest corner, in the province of Epirus, which lies just south of the frontier between Greece and Albania.  This area of remarkable beauty is the focus of our journey.

Known as the Zagorochoria (the Zagori villages), it’s a place of towering mountains, thick forests, sparkling streams and a unique flora that serviced as the basis for traditional medical practice.  Around the slopes of the mountains are delightful stone-built villages that have changed little through the centuries.

Dominating the landscape is the incredible UNESCO-protected Vikos Gorge, with the steepest walls of any gorge in the world.

Our base in Zagori will be the Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, a Unique Lodge of the World.  Our journey will provide walks and hikes, with local naturalist guides.  We will also offer a choice of activities, a cooking demonstration of the area’s distinctive cuisine, bird watching, rafting and yoga.  

From Zagori, we travel to Ioannina where we take excursions to nearby sides, including Dodoni, one of the Greece’s most important and evocative ancient sites.

Magnificent Gorges, Towering Peaks & Stone Villages is a journey for lovers of unspoiled nature, history and places where ageless traditions survive.