We invite you on a unique journey of discovery that reveals the rich history, remarkable natural beauty and amazing diversity of Greece.  Perhaps the most impressive and rewarding landscape is found in the country’s northwest corner, in the province of Epirus, which lies just south of the frontier between Greece and Albania. Known as the Zagorochoria (the Zagori villages), it’s a place of towering mountains, thick forests, sparkling streams and a unique natural flora that serves as the basis for traditional medical practice.

This fantastic region is also a paradise for mushroom hunters.  In Greece, some 2,200 varieties of wild mushrooms have been recorded, of which 150 are edible.  The bucolic forest slopes, mountain streams and meadows of Zagori are home to most of the varieties found in the country.  Included are Porcini, Chanterelles, Morels, Yellow and Black trumpets, Amanita Caesarea, Macrolepiota Procera (Parasol mushrooms), Boletus, and others.  The Zagori area is also known for its truffles which are hunted by trained dogs.

Our base in Zagori will be the superb Aristi Mountain Resort & Villas, designated by the National Geographic as a Unique Lodge of the World.  During our five-night stay, we will participate in a variety of activities, including, of course, mushroom foraging and exploring the old stone villages of Zagori.  We will also enjoy walks and hikes in the company of local naturalist guides, bird watching, yoga and cooking demonstrations of the region’s delicious and distinctive cuisine.  One of our meals will be served at a restaurant whose entire menu consists of mushroom dishes.

Our expedition will end with two days in Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.