On this unique journey, we will explore some of the most significant sacred places in Greece that date from the ancient past to the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods,places of singular beauty and historic importance. We will start in northern Greece, in Thessaloniki, the Biblical Thessalonica and a cosmopolitan city of cultures and faiths since early times. Founded in the 4th century BC, Thessaloniki later became the second most important city in the Byzantine Empire and is now noted for its late antiquity and early Christian monuments. We will continue to Vergina, the ancient Aigai, the sanctuary of Macedonian kings and their temple-like tombs that yielded a wealth of precious objects, and then to awe-inspiring Meteora, more precisely the Meteora Monasteries (“monasteries in mid-air”), built some 600 years ago by hermits on top of a forest of gigantic rocks. On to Delphi, the sanctuary of Apollo and the seat of his oracle, situated in an unforgettable setting. After a stop at monastic Osios Loukas, a gem of Byzantine architecture and art, we will end in venerable Athens.

We are most privileged to have on this journey Karen Armstrong as our Distinguished Guest Lecturer. One of the world’s foremost religious scholars, Ms. Armstrong has authored over 20 books that have been translated in 45 languages. Her lectures and discussions will add greater meaning and depth to the journey.

Autumn, when the temperature is just right and the crowds of tourists are gone, is one of the best times of the year to explore Greece. Join us for an unforgettable and unprecedented travel opportunity.