We are pleased to offer a splendid travel adventure to lands where history, mythology, and legend come alive.

Our adventure begins with two days in Athens. During our stay in this venerable city where the principles of democracy were born, we will explore fabled monuments, including the Parthenon, which crowns the Acropolis, the rocky plateau that dominates the modern city as it did in ancient times. We then board the 34-guest yacht Callisto to cruise to the most magnificent Greek islands. Santorini, the most iconic island in the Mediterranean, is our first stop. Home to a sophisticated society in prehistoric times, half of the island collapsed after a catastrophic eruption of the island’s volcano in the 17th century BC, covering entirely the main town Akrotiri, which we visit in ash and pumice. The great island of Crete, only a few miles away, is the reputed birthplace of Zeus and was the center of the brilliant Minoan civilization, Europe’s earliest civilization, whose palatial architecture and exquisite art we will view in Knossos, associated with the legend of the Minotaur, and the Heraklion Museum. Sailing northward, we reach Rhodes, the island that was dedicated to Helios, the sun god, whose main port was once guarded by the statue of Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. We will visit the Old Town of Rhodes, one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities, and Lindos, an atmospheric village built between the sea and an ancient Acropolis. From Rhodes, we enter the Cycladic islands, where at Amorgos, one of the most attractive, we visit its white-washed monastery built in the 11th century on the side of cliffs facing the sea. Nearby Delos was considered by the ancients to be a holy island where the twin gods Artemis and Apollo were born. Today, Delos is a vast archaeological site and an open-air museum. Our last stop is Siros, where the main harbor town, lined with neoclassical buildings, is built below two peaks.

Your experience will be enriched through the contributions of our accompanying Greek guide, Sophia Valsamaki and expert guest lecturers. As space aboard the 34–guest motor yacht, Callisto, is limited, we encourage you to make your reservation without delay.